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The Selfie Stick Store

Welcome to the Selfie Stick Store where you will find the best range and quality Selfie Sticks for your mobile smartphone or camera.

What is a Selfie Stick?

A selfie stick or selfie pole are the same thing however there is an added clamp at the tip of the “monopod” which was originally made for cameras. The rise of popularity is due to the word “selfie” last year where people will take a photo of themselves and post them online via social media sites such as Facebook & Instagram.

These selfie sticks are extendable poles which allows you to take a selfie of yourself or a group shot at a more extendable reach. The quality of the photos turn out better with a better background view and better ability to photograph  more people in the group shot.

The delivers the best quality selfie sticks to Sydney, Melbourne, Perth, Brisbane, Adelaide & Darwin Australia.  They will fit most smartphones, particularly the more popular type of phones. they are fitted with a clamp and if you have a camera you can screw it on the pole too.

Please feel free to browse our shop and buy a selfie stick that suits your smartphone and style. It will fit GoPro, iPhones, Android phones such as Samsung and HTC.

Unsure which selfie stick is the right one for you? Check out our extensive comparison of our selfie stick range.

Thanks for the selfie stick guys! my partner and i were able to take amazing shots on our recent holiday without hassling anybody around to take a shot for us constantly.

James Gregory
Partners Using Selfie Sticks

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