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Bluetooth Selfie Stick Instructions:

  1. Turn Bluetooth on your selfie stick. It will flash blue indicating that it is ready to get connected to. (If it doesn’t flash blue, it’s likely that the battery is flat and needs recharging/replacing)
  2. Go to your Bluetooth setting on your phone;
    For Android both iPhone Users this can be found by going to Settings > Bluetooth.
  3. Turn Bluetooth on.
    Turn Bluetooth on
  4. From the “Available devices”, look for  S-Z07-5 . If you can’t find it on the list, press ‘scan for devices’ or ‘refresh’
  5. Tap on S-Z07-5 to sync to the device.
  6. Once the phone says it’s connected, go back to your home screen and open up your desired camera app. (At this stage the blue flashing light will stop, only flashing briefly when pressing down the shutter button on your Bluetooth selfie stick or remote.)
  7. Place your smart phone or camera in the clip by lifting the tab at the top and gently place it on your phone until tight and secure.
  8. Expand the selfie stick pole to the required length.
  9. Start taking Awesome Selfies! Best friends using selfie stick taking pic on exclusive luxury sailing boat - Concept of friendship and travel with young people and new technology  trends - Bright nostalgic desaturated color tones

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