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GoPro Super pack 1

NOTE: Housing not compatible with Gopro4 with LCD screen

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The ultimate must have package for all gopro enthusiasts. Contains all the necessary mounts and straps for those who are adventurous and like to travel. Comes in a neat little carry bag to keep all your accessories together. Get the bundle and save !

This Package includes the following Gopro Accessories:

  1. Head Strap Mount
    • High quality head strap, containg skid resistant grooves to keep it attached to your head.
    • Color: Black
    • Easily adjustable, with the strap to suit all head sizes
    • comes with carry bad
  2. Chest Harness Mount
    • Easily adjustable, with the strap to suit all chest sizes
    • comes with carry bad
    • Perfect for extreme sport such as mountain bike riding, snowboarding etc
    • includes a  J Hook Mount and carry bad
  3. Blue Handle Monopod Ski Pole
    • Extentable to 108 cm
    • Easy to carry in backpack.
    • lightweight and durable
    • includes tripod mount adapter + screw and cap
  4. Bobber Floating Handle
    • Floating Hand Grip allows you to safely use your GoPro in water. Suitable for people wanting take pictures or videos of friends surfing.
    • Floats to surface and the bright yellow colour is easy to spot in the surf
    • comes with an adjustable wrist strap to secure it onto your wrist + screw and cap
  5. Floaty
    • Adhesive 3M backing attaches to your gopro housing to give that extra boyancy.
    • Bright colour for easy spotting
  6.  Tether Surf Adhesive Mount
    • Added security – simply mount the mount to a secure spot to give your camera a backup connection
    • Leash length: 19cmg
  7.  Water proof replacement housing for GoPro Hero 4 , 3+ 3
    • A backup housing in case you scratch your exisitng housing.
    • waterpoof up to 40m
    • waterpoof up to 40m
    • NOTE: Not compatible with Gopro4 with LCD screen
  8. Protective Storage Carry Hard Case
    • Keep all these accessories neatly in a nice carry case
    • Comes with padded sections to keep your accessories protected

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