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A selfie is your online digital portrayal of yourself. You can upload selfies as your profile picture for different social media sites platforms, a type of picture status update, or merely something to blink that nice smile you have and share it with the world. With smartphones like the iPhone and digital cameras or GoPros as some of the techie’s staple gadgets, taking selfies can truly be very fun. May it be for catching memories or just revealing others how you presently look, looking great in your selfies can make you believe that fantastic as well. Keep reading for a new device to help take excellent selfies you could flaunt and also boast of.

The selfie has overtaken our culture over the past year. We view selfies on Facebook articles, Instagram accounts, as well as in lyrics to the best tracks on the radio. As a society, we have come to be more self centered and a lot more unhappy with exactly how we look since we are constantly bombarded by pictures of photoshopped designs as well as filtered photos. As opposed to appreciating the person we see in the mirror or in the camera that is looking back at us, we start to seek methods that we could alter and also make ourselves look much better.


Selfie Sticks are created to be transportable so you can take a selfie of yourself. They could be smaller and also lighter as compared to tripods which makes them far easier to lug about together with you no matter if you are from a shoot or simply running about on holiday.

The selfie stick since its name implies,  just has support for 1 smartphone or digital camera. It is extendable and features a foot to allow it  support a digicam and attaches a clamp to hold a smartphone device. Its major column can be changed for the leading you really want.
A great deal of folks, nonetheless, are unsure of which kind to purchase as there’s a range of them. They come in different colors and length. Some have a button fixed into the handle to take shots remotely. Some have the option to have a keyring type remote separately to take the shot.  If you are moving around a great deal then a selfie stick is optimal as it is quickly transportable to ensure that you can change places or positions a lot more conveniently.

Check out the selfie sticks we have in our store and choose one that suits you in color and decide if you need a remote. Most cameras have an auto timer which you can use or you can simply download a camera app which has the function to take auto timer shots.

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