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The breakdown of all Selfie Sticks

Here we attempt to break down each of the Selfie sticks on offer. We give a brief overview as well as pro’s and con’s of each of the various selfie sticks on offer in our shop. This guide is here to help those of you who are unsure of which selfie stick to choose.

Built-in button Bluetooth Selfie Stick

Bluetooth Selfie Stick (Built-in Button)

The top-of-the-line Selfie Stick. This latest version of the selfie stick has all the top features to make it a breeze to take selfies effortlessly! With built-in button, simply sync to your smartphone and take those perfect photos!

What we like:

  • In-built Bluetooth Button: It’s awesome! since it’s integrated into the selfie stick, you won’t ever leave it behind.
  • Rechargable battery: No more getting frustrated with contantly having to buy batteries again and again. This battery is charged via USB (1 hour charge time), has a very useful 100 hour standby time and can take up to 500 shots in 1 charge! That will keep even the most selfie obsessed person happy.
  • Silicon Phone Clip:  Helps to prevent  scratches from occuring on your phone.
  • (addon) Attach a GoPro: If you also buy the GoPro Attachment, you’ll be able to enjoy using it with the GoPro

What we don’t like:

  • Not waterproof: since it’s got the electronics inside the handle, you won’t be able get in contact with water.

Wired Selfie Stick

The wired Selfie stick is quick easy to use. Simply put the phone in the holder, plug the cable in the phone and take photos!

What we like:

  • Compact Design: The slim design with the holding phone clip allows you to slip it into your pocket, bag easily. A perfect travel companion.
  • Wired Button: If you’re not so savvy with your smartphone and find syncing to Bluetooth frustrating, this Selfie stick is perfect for you.
  • No battery required: Since this technology relies on the 3.5mm headphone jack, you won’t experience any down time!
  • Silicon Phone Clip:  Helps to prevent  scratches from occuring on your phone.
  • GoPro Compatible: Compliment this with the GoPro Attachment and you’ll have a multiple purpose selfie stick!

What we don’t like:

  • Cable: Who likes extra cables? It’s just a little bit less aesthetically pleasing, compared to the wireless selfie stick.
Selfie stick in White - with bluetooth remote

Selfie Stick + Bluetooth Remote

The original Selfie Stick paired with the Bluetooth Remote gives you the ultimate flexibility for taking Selfies.

What we like:

  • Bluetooth Button: We like how we don’t have to fiddle with a timer shot on the phone.
  • Water Resistant: Since the Bluetooth remote is not embeded in the selfie stick, you can splash about in the water. (as long as your phone is water resistant too!)
  • GoPro Compatible: Add the GoPro Attachment and now you can also use it with a GoPro

What we don’t like:

  • Coin Battery: Let’s be real, no one likes coin buttons! Although they’re readily available at most convenient stores, obviously a rechargeable selfie stick is better
  • 2 parts: The remote quite small,.. be careful not to lose it!
Go Pro Selfie Stick image

GoPro Selfie Stick

Another Must have GoPro accessories. The GoPro selfie sticks makes taking self panorama video easy. A necessity for those who love to travel and explore!

What we like:

  • Compact design: Perfect for travelers, that don’t want bulky or heavy items to lug around.
  • Water Resistant: Equip it with the GoPro housing and go for a splash in the water!

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